Emeco Consulting will undertake a thorough assessment of the current business processes in place at the company under review in order to compare operational proficiency against industry best practices as part of our business management consulting services. We will interview key managers to learn about their specific areas of responsibilities and to understand whether their goals and performance matrix is consistent with the needs of the company and the directions from the CEO and/or Executive Committee. We will delve into the objectives of the specific department, how success is measured and the tools that are engaged to accomplish the long-term tasks of the specific department and the departments it interacts with.

Emeco will evaluate the historical growth of the company and what impediments may be in place that could be restraining greater growth. We will assess what would be the appropriate next steps to unleash the potential of the firm so it can experience explosive growth in the right market cycle. We will also endeavor to understand what levers the company has in place or may need to put in place in order to survive the next market cycle slowdown.

Emeco will review and advise on the company’s fee structure in order to determine its competitiveness in the marketplace, to make sure the company is not leaving money on the table and to assure that the company has backdoors to increase contract amounts when conditions warrant.

Emeco will produce a draft confidential company assessment report we have been retained and our review is complete with conceptual recommendations for improvement, if appropriate.

Quality Assurance Auditing

Emeco will review the company’s processes in order to evaluate the quality of the product or service the company is delivering to its clients.

Emeco will recommend different protocols, checks & balances, and peer review processes in order to assure management that their deliverables are of the highest quality in the industry and that the standard of care used on each endeavor undertaken by the company is beyond reproach.

Risk Advisory Services

Emeco will provide an independent review of clientele, standard form agreements with clients, standard form agreements with sub-consultants/vendors, terms & conditions, service lines, insurance limits/providers, field services, laboratory services, and other company attributes so as to evaluate the risk vs. reward function in order to advise on risk reduction strategies, if warranted.

Management Advisory Services

Emeco will act as a sounding board and unbiased counsel to the CEO and/or Executive Committee to assist the company in properly evaluating critical decisions, course corrections, pivots, and the capitalizing of new opportunities through business management consulting services.

Emeco will perform a SWOT analysis in order to help the CEO and/or Executive Committee to better understand their company’s Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities, and Threats.

Strategic & Transformational Consulting

Emeco will assist the CEO and/or Executive Committee with long term planning for company to foster long term growth, sustainability and eventual monetarization of the company’s capital and inherent value.

Emeco will assist the CEO and/or Executive Committee with executing a company pivot when market conditions change and/or when the company’s core competencies increase or decrease.

Profit Center Management & Review

Emeco will assist the CEO and/or Executive Committee in creating a company culture of accountability, incentives and performance measurement by implementing specific profit centers, assigning organizational responsibility and by instituting bonus structures that reward results based on measurable data.

Incentive Program Design

Emeco will consult on profit sharing plans and driving earned ownership deep within the company’s organization so as to reward and incentivize your loyal “A” players and top producers.


Emeco will advise company on the necessary steps required to survive an existential threat and will assist with implementing cost-cutting measures, downsizing, protectionism, and messaging.

Emeco will help with employee angst through the use of transparency, surgical cuts and with instituting a singular bleed policy rather than a long drawn out slow-bleed policy.

Emeco will help the company pivot and strengthen during this period of restructuring and will control the messaging internally and externally.

Emeco will advise on balance sheet, debt management and cost control along with helping with new capital raises or new debt, if appropriate.


Emeco will make recommendations to assist with creating explosive growth and increased shareholder value using organic growth of company locations, new service lines, and personnel, and through the use of a strategic or tuck-in acquisition strategy as part of our business management consulting services.


Emeco will endeavor to identify potential sellers within the industry that once acquired or merged into the platform company the company’s value will increase exponentially due to the accretive nature of the acquired company’s earnings combined with the larger and higher multiple platform company’s earnings.

Emeco will bring these potential sellers to the table, help with determining the enterprise value of the selling company, and will assist with the negotiations.

Emeco will manage outside investors, investment bankers, transactional lawyers, and lenders that may be required to complete the transaction.

Emeco will manage the due diligence process and assist with getting the transaction over the finish line.

Emeco will advise and assist with the integration of the acquired company into the platform company.


Emeco will help the company position itself for a successful and hugely rewarding acquisition or recapitalization currently or at some time in the future.

Once the company is properly positioned and of sufficient size for potential buyers, Emeco will help the company determine its enterprise value under different scenarios.

Emeco will then advise and assist the company with identifying and making contact with potential strategic buyers, investment bankers, and private equity firms for an outright sell, partial sale, merger, or recapitalization.

The selling company will not be identified to potential suitors until a Non-Disclosure document (“NDA”) is in place.

Emeco will manage outside investors, investment bankers, transactional lawyers, and lenders that may be required to complete the transaction.

Emeco will manage the due diligence process and assist with getting the transaction over the finish-line.


Emeco will endeavor to resolve identified conflicts within the company or externally with a client, sub-consultants, vendors, governmental agencies, and unions.

Emeco can provide Forensics Engineering and Expert Testimony Services if required to resolve the dispute.

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